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Application Development
No deployment is successful without the presence of an intuitive application framework. Phonologies' platform deployed in the cloud needs to interact with your enterprise cloud system and deliver information via easy to use interfaces.

Our Professional Services Team can help you in development of applications:
  • that control how phone calls are placed, answered, transferred, conferenced, and more
  • for outbound dialing, message notification and reminders
  • with web call-backs for verification & click-2-dial
  • for business transactions and utility applications
  • conferencing with distributed learning and collaboration
  • to migrate from legacy telephony systems to the cloud
With nearly a decade of experience in leading-edge web and voice applications, we have built applications for:
  • Business Transaction Enablement
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Social Media
  • Unified Communication
  • Contact Center and CRM
  • Infotainment & Utility
Our Professional Services Team is well versed with technologies VoiceXML, ccXML, JavaScript, Java, XML, ASP / PHP, SugarCRM, Salesforce and also the FreeSWITCH programming API. We offer reasonably-priced consulting services, with a Dedicated Team supporting you during the entire application life cycle, reducing your time to market, and, in house staffing needs for application development.

Would you like to know how your enterprise cloud applications can benefit from our professional services?

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