October 22, 2004

Open Source ccXML PIK unveiled

MUMBAI, INDIA - Phonologies, a provider of platform technologies in the voice and telephony space, today announced the availability of its ccXML (Call Control eXtensible Markup Language) Browser Platform Integration Kit (PIK), Oktopous (TM), based on the Open Source licensing model - BSD Style. Along with the release of its ccXML PIK, Oktopous(TM), Phonologies also announced that it will be releasing its Software IP Media Server, Oktopous(TM) Media Server, a comprehensive solution for building enterprise communications based on open standards, by mid April 2004. A fully packaged Media Server Appliance, PMS3000 is expected by the end of Q2. The foundation of Oktopous(TM) Media Server and PMS3000 is Phonologies VoiceXML Interpreter, InterpreXer(TM) and Oktopous(TM), along with Speech Engines from industry leading vendor, Loquendo.

The PIK release on the open source model will allow developers / system integrators to interface with platforms of choice, including the already popular VoiceXML based applications for telephony systems. "Open source technologies and Open Standards like VoiceXML, CCXML and SIP have lead to greater interoperability between products, providing the foundation on which customers can deploy new applications and solutions by leveraging existing infrastructure as opposed to procuring expensive single vendor products," said Prashant Lamba, Director - Business Development, Phonologies.

Currently, ccXML platforms are available on a very limited scale and their deployments are restricted to the hosted models adopted by a few market leaders. With the release of Oktopous(TM) PIK, Phonologies aims for a mass adoption of CCXML as a standard for Call Control, which is a requirement for it to become a W3C standard. Other open standards platforms based on MSCML are being deployed, but CCXML separates the Call Control functionality from Dialog components and thus provides more flexibility in Call Control. More so, customers can choose the best of breed Dialog servers and Speech Servers.

Oktopous(TM) and InterpreXer(TM) are components of Phonologies proposed blue print architecture, Universal Voice Access Platform a multi service Voice Platform built around some of the existing and emerging standard and technologies of VoiceXML, CCXML, SIP, and MRCP.

Phonologies has focused on delivering business grade platforms, and will now offer distribution of its open source software code with optional customer support, documentation, professional services and training for the source code and binaries as per customer needs. Through Phonologies Open Source Initiative and Professional Services, carriers and service providers can own their own integrated multi-protocol media servers, through which they consolidate the hosting requirements of their private branded services e.g. outbound dialing announcement servers, IVR and VRUs, conferencing and messaging, and, speech enabled servers.

"We have come a long way in development of our platforms and brought them to the market through our partners. Currently we are seeking a partnership with a "larger" service provider or a technology developer, as our strength lies in being a developer of technologies in the voice and telephony space. I feel that we have a good opportunity through our open source initiative for other vendors to get a grip of our strengths" added Prashant.

The source code and binaries of the PIK has been made available through the SourceForge Network. For further information on Phonologies Open Source Initiative or Phonologies Professional Services, please visit http://www.phonologies.com/ or connect with OpenSource@Phonologies.COM.

About Phonologies
Phonologies develops and markets voice technologies based on the industry standards in the Voice and Telephony space. Phonologies portfolio of products includes a combination of "multi-service" Voice Platforms & Technologies that can be deployed by Call Centers, Information Centers, Telcos, ISPs and Enterprises to provide a multitude of services. Phonologies flaship product, Oktopous Media Server is a "standards-based" software solution built on Linux, which implements the VoiceXML (which is a W3C standard for authoring Voice applications) & ccXML standards (a powerful XML based call control language currently in draft stage with W3C) with ready interfaces to support leading ASR & TTS Vendors. For communication, the platform uses VoIP (SIP / RTP). Based out of India, Phonologies clients are located accross the globe in North America, South America, The Netherlands, UK, India and Africa.
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