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Academic Licensing Initiative:
Students world over lack access to commercial software, see how they are built, how they work, documented, customized and then deployed, resulting in poor hands-on experience at the college level. This can lead to reduced innovation at the grass roots level.

While many open source projects can address this issue, students are always left waiting for want of more information and understanding.

Phonologies' Academic Licensing Initiative endeavors to bring "commercial grade" learning integrated into university and college education worldwide, by making available its telco-grade software (along with its source code) to the student community via institutions.

Benefits of acquiring an Academic License:
  • Projects can be fully integrated into a specific aspect of course - example, feasibility study, strategic plan, project design and implementation.
  • Translate theory into practice. Hands-on experience with telco grade commercial software, with documentation and source code and real life commercial applications.
  • Create projects catering to social causes without having to spend hours building a platform. Students carry the social philosophy with them throughout their future careers.
  • Prepare students for life after college providing them a platform to explore ideas that can be converted into entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • What the Academic License does not allow:
    (a) Use of products in projects which are contracted to the Institute or done in collaboration with a third party for a fee or on receiving funding.
    (b) Publish any results of tests or research publicly.

Products available under Academic License:
InterpreXer™ IVR Server [ ]
Oktopous™ Call Control Engine [ ]

Despite slowing economies, the demand for self service applications are on the rise. Getting involved with academics is Phonologies' way of giving back to the student community, preparing them for real-life situations - after all, many of the best ideas have been developed in campus dormitories.

Our Managed Development Center can be consulted to understand (or troubleshoot) the "hows and whys" of our products, developing an idea based on them, or to simply chat with us about the business of telephony.

We are busy reaching out to Engineering and Technical Universities all over the globe to propagate the concept of "commercial grade" learning with our Academic Licensing Initiative. If your institute is interested in benefiting from this initiative and we have not yet reached out to you, please do drop us a note.

To know more about how your Institution and its students can benefit from Phonologies' Educational Licensing Initiative, drop us a message and we'll be happy to talk to you through!
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