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Cloud Telephony Platform Integration
For integration of cloud telephony platforms to be successful, support for complex interactions between customers, suppliers, employees and the enterprise cloud must be seamless. Phonologies Professional Services Team works with you through the complexities of integrating our platforms into your enterprise cloud.

Our Professional Services Team can help you in:
  • Development of Cloud Telephony Platforms (Media Servers, SIP/VoIP Gateways, A/V Conference Servers, Conferencing and collaboration)
  • 'Voice enabling' Enterprise Cloud components
  • Design and development of embedded platforms to run on the edge of the Cloud
  • Integration with Open Source platform like Oktopous™, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk
Phonologies Professional Services Team has extensively engaged third party open source projects into its products, reducing upfront investment in technology for our clients. This also frees up developers from the mundane activity of developing and maintaining platforms and concentrate their resources on building application that result in true competitive advantage.

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Integration of Open Source Projects:
Phonologies is an active contributor to the Open Source Community, promising quality, reliability, flexibility, lower cost and an end to predatory vendor lock-in. Our Professional Services Team is well versed with open source products like:
  • Oktopous™, ccXML Interpreter Engine
  • FreeSWITCH, scalable cross-platform telephony platform
  • OpenVXI, Asterisk, SpiderMonkey, libCURL
Phonologies has contributed extensively to the above projects and is geared up well to support you in your adoption of Open Source platforms into your enterprise cloud. We offer reasonably-priced consulting services, with a Dedicated Team supporting you during the entire application life cycle.

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Would you like to know how your enterprise cloud applications can benefit from our professional services or by using open source projects?

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