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InterpreXer™, VoiceXML IVR Server
InterpreXer™ is a robust speech application engine to 'voice enable' Enterprise Applications in the cloud or in your network. It fully implements the W3C VoiceXML 2.1 Specification. It enables the creation of rich voice enabled applications for:
  • Business Transaction Enablement
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • Social Media
  • Unified Communication
  • Contact Center and CRM
  • Infotainment & Utility
Using InterpreXer™ our customers have successfully deployed applications such as: click-2-dial, verification call backs, speech auto attendant, voice chat, voice dialing, message notification and reminders, voice-2-text, web callback, contact book look-up, business transactions and utility applications (driving directions, flight tracking, audio newsmagazines, prescription refilling). Develop your voice user interface by using speech recognition or "touch tone" DTMF and output via synthesized speech (using text-to-speech) or recorded audio playback.

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InterpreXer™ can be deployed as part of Phonologies Voice Platform or as a standalone OEM Component in your existing IP infrastructure. It has been deployed in a range of environments (in the cloud, in network servers, embedded CPE platforms). [ ]


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