January 10, 2011

InterpreXer™ for Windows Desktop and Server Environments

Phonologies (India) releases light weight VoiceXML Interpreter for Windows Desktop and Server environments that enables application developers to seamlessly develop and deploy VoiceXML applications right on their Windows Desktop.

Mumbai, India, on January 10th 2011, Phonologies (India) Private Limited, a leading provider of OEM products targeted towards larger communication and messaging solution vendors, today made available a light weight VoiceXML Interpreter for Windows Desktop and Server Environments. Phonologies' VoiceXML Interpreter, popularly known as InterpreXer™, is an out of the box solution for SIP based environments that enables application developers to seamlessly develop and deploy VoiceXML applications right on their Windows Desktop.

These applications once developed, can be deployed in high density Windows server environments that run Phonologies InterpreXer™. The product has been architected to separate media handling, document interpretation and telephony running as independent background services to ensure high availability, scalability and module distribution. Prashant Lamba, Director of Business Development was quoted saying "We are very excited to have finally released a windows version after focusing on Linux platforms for over 9 years, which will give developers a way to leverage our desktop and server products to quickly respond to market opportunities."

In a recent report published by Frost and Sullivan there is continued interest in premise-based (CPE) IVR systems and enterprise voice portals, but with certain challenges to be overcome, especially the perceptions that speech-enabled self-service applications are too complex and expensive to build and support. According to the report, the objective is to make speech-enabled IVR and voice portal applications easier and faster to develop and manage over time. Mr. Lamba added, "The market to sell low-cost, rapid to deploy solutions for pre-built/packaged IVR and voice portal applications remains largely untapped, and by adopting InterpreXer™, developers can target SoHo users for intuitive voicemail or even simple high volume inbound and outbound IVR and messaging applications that run from premise based environment."

In India, where Phonologies is based, the Reserve Bank of India has made it compulsory to have IVR passwords to authenticate any transactions being carried out over the phone, be it human to human or human to IVR. The Voice business is predicted to show promise in IVVR, speaker verification, hosting and outbound dialing and Phonologies has committed itself to this by running a closed beta of its Voice Blaster system in India. Phonologies will also provide Video support for VoiceXML applications by the end of Q1 of 2011. The InterpreXer™ is also available for embedding on Telephony Boards that cater to 8, 16, 24 port size deployments.

About Phonologies
Phonologies is a provider of next generation technologies & solutions for 'self service' telephony applications. Phonologies' software-only technologies are easy to plug-in to business processes and implement open standards that are flexible and easy to manage, resulting in interoperability, lower costs and protection of investments in the long run. Phonologies' flagship product, Oktopous™ powers over 500,000 calls worldwide each day. For more information on Phonologies, visit http://www.phonologies.com

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