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Managed Development Center
Phonologies Technology Development Lab (TDL) now reloacted to Pune, India, is our development and delivery centre housing Phonologies platform engineering and applications development teams.

Experience and Services:
Phonologies TDL has produced platforms for premise based telephony systems (including embedded CPEs) and is now actively executing customer projects to migrate parts of business process to the cloud in a cost efficient manner. Products churned out of Phonologies TDL for Entrepreneurs have been successfully demonstrated to venture funding and are now in production.

This facility serves as an offshore development center of Phonologies' Partners and Clients. Some facts about our infrastructure:
  • operates as your 'product development hub'
  • can accommodate upto 4 mid size teams
  • housed with recreation area and an up-to-date library
  • located in Pune - well connected city, boasting of a low cost of living, cosmopolitan culture and good infrastructure
Operational Setup:

Engagement Models:
We offer our Managed Development Center under to 2 engagement models, through which our customers can acquire our technology, expertise and establish your their own teams - these are (i) Customer Managed Center, and (ii) Phonologies Managed Center. [ ]

Phonologies is always reaching out to qualified telecom solution providers and system integrators to partner with.

To know more about our offering, please drop us a note here and we'll be happy to get in touch!

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