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Oktopous™, ccXML Browser Engine
Oktopous™ is a modular call control engine, fully implementing the W3C Voice Browser ccXML Specification. It is designed to enable sophisticated, event-based, asynchronous and advanced telephony call-control capabilities in unified communication systems, messaging & conferencing suites and interactive speech & telephony servers, ACDs.

Oktopous™ is light-weight and designed for embedding in high-density Telephony Platforms, to control how phone calls are placed, answered, transferred, conferenced, and more, by executing simple XML documents. Application areas of Oktopous™ are:
  • Automated Call Distribution (ACD) for skills based routing
  • IP-PBX, IP Centrex, Find Me / Follow Me
  • Outbound Calling
  • Call logging and Recording (risk deduction)
  • Customer Call Back Applications
  • Advanced Conferencing with distributed learning and collaboration
Fact: Oktopous™ powers over 5 Million calls per day worldwide.


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