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Professional Services
Phonologies Professional Services Team is a group of highly specialized individuals having built a range of platforms and applications for virtually every vertical in the speech and telephony business. We provide platform engineering and integration support, design consulting and 'prototyping', application development and 3rd party system integration services all built around Phonologies platforms.

Platform Integration Services
For integration of cloud telephony platforms to be successful, support for complex interactions between customers, suppliers, employees and the enterprise cloud must be seamless. Phonologies Professional Services Team works with you through the complexities of integrating our platforms into your enterprise cloud. We offer reasonably-priced consulting services, with a Dedicated Team supporting you during the entire application life cycle.

Application Development
No deployment is successful or easy to use without the presence of an intuitive Applications Framework. Phonologies' platform deployed in the cloud needs to interact with your enterprise cloud system and deliver information via easy to use interfaces. We closely follow current Industry Standards, ensuring the applications we develop and deploy for you are easy to maintain and upgrade in the long run.

Managed Development Center
Phonologies Technology Development Lab (TDL), is a state-of-the-art development and delivery centre housing Phonologies platform engineering and applications development teams. Phonologies TDL has produced platforms for premise based telephony systems (including embedded CPEs) and is now actively executing customer projects to migrate parts of business process to the cloud in a cost efficient manner.

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