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Smart Mobile Customer Care that works
With rapid growth in smart phone adoption, more and more customers are willing to use the mobile channel for quick service and a better interaction experience. Smart phone applications have the ability redefine the way enterprises serve their customers, but complex development environments and platforms prevent enterprises from exploiting the true capabilities of these smart phones and link them to customer care. Majority enterprises are not aware how much more smart phones can do.

Introducing SmartM Care:
Freedom to your customers to connect with your contact center from within your mobile application. Give your contact center agents a panoramic view of customer communication history, geo-location, social profile and other contextual information before connecting them with the customer to deliver a faster, happier and an ideal resolution.

SmartM Care allows you to rapidly create your mobile applications, link them to your backend systems, CRM and contact center via an intuitive XML based application development architecture that focuses on your needs. Deploy a single "always" up-to-date self-service mobile application and let SmartM Care takes care of cross-platform compatibility requirements.

Redefining Customer Care:
SmartM Care can be deployed as a bundle or components of it can be deployed in your existing IP infrastructure, bringing proactive and personalized contact and location-based customer service in near real time environment and transform your customer engagement to drive your business.
  • Agents get a panoramic view of customer query, communication history, geo-location, social profile and other contextual information for personalized service.
  • Better transaction processing effectiveness and delivery of relevant valuable deals, instructions, directions that can be deposited to the customerís mobile device in real-time.
  • No IVR hold time leading to less frustrated customers and costs reduction to the enterprise.
  • SmartM Care optimizes use of IVR / ACD / PBX infrastructure.
SmartM Features:
SmartM Care is an open, secure and scalable platform based on web and evolving mobile standards to support millions of customers. It can easily fit into your multi-vendor environment with little or no changes. More features:[ ]

SmartM Care at Work:
  • Agent knows what the customer issue could be prior to the call-back. Customer does not need to repeat ANYTHING.

  • Agent can guide a customer to a nearest bank branch or ATM by using geo-location.

  • Customer can select a convenient time to schedule the call-back.

  • Send out alerts or service outage warnings, deals and offers to the phone.

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