August 3, 2005

Phonologies Releases Voice Blaster Message Broadcasting Solution

Mumbai, India, On August 2nd 2005, Phonologies announced the release of its Voice Blaster Solution, a solution for ISPs & Telecommunication companies, apart from Call Centers and other service providers to provide Voice Message Broadcasting Services over the phone. The Voice Blaster is an 'intelligent-cum-highly customizable' web based application that triggers the delivery of interactive voice messages (pre-recorded or TTS generated messages with IVR options) through a series of outbound calls. These messages can be delivered to a host telecom devices, including Answering Machines & Voicemail systems, VoIP Devices including SIP Phones - any time and used in almost any industry.

The Voice Blaster Solution can be used to provide reminder services (e.g. bill reminders & subscription renewals), tele-marketing services, conditional alerts & notification (e.g. school truancy alerts or parcel delivery alerts) etc. For the network operator, Phonologies offers a highly scalable telecom-grade solution and an integrated application enabling prepaid and post-paid messaging services. Messages can be scheduled for delivery or 'broadcast' immediately or at later date and time. "With communication devices being spread out over a multitude of networks, be it fixed, wireless or IP based, businesses need to keep customers informed as per the customers' preferences and presenting them with options of taking actions against the message received" said Prashant Lamba, Business Development Manager at Phonologies.

The Voice Blaster utilizes the latest VoIP & Internet Technologies, turning the conventional desktop computer into a powerful mass communication and marketing tool. A simple, yet highly effective web based portal is packaged to setup and trigger a message broadcast, in addition to management of contact lists, audio recordings (or selection of Text-to-Speech option) and, viewing customer responses and call details in near real time. This package comes with a powerful Event Trigger Platform that is able to generate thousands of messages per hour for delivery. As an option, Voice Blaster's IVR can capture customer feedback via speech recognition.

The solution is based on open standards such as VoiceXML and ccXML and comes bundled with Phonologies Oktopous Media Server, a platform compatible with leading Speech Engines and VoIP environments. Customers can optionally deploy the application in house, and chose from a wide variety of open standards platforms, or host with voice hosting providers. "We are currently in the process of setting up a hosted voice service here in India, through which we will offer bill reminder and tele-marketing services to start off with" continued Lamba. "We also consult for our customers, in India and overseas, to setup such businesses which have proven to be profitable in a very short term".

The Voice Blaster Solution is available through Phonologies Website located at

About Phonologies
Phonologies develops and markets voice technologies based on the industry standards in the Voice and Telephony space. Phonologies portfolio of products includes a combination of "multi-service" Voice Platforms & Technologies that can be deployed by Call Centers, Information Centers, Telcos, ISPs and Enterprises to provide a multitude of services. Phonologies flaship product, Oktopous Media Server is a "standards-based" software solution built on Linux, which implements the VoiceXML (which is a W3C standard for authoring Voice applications) & ccXML standards (a powerful XML based call control language currently in draft stage with W3C) with ready interfaces to support leading ASR & TTS Vendors. For communication, the platform uses VoIP (SIP / RTP). Based out of India, Phonologies clients are located accross the globe in North America, South America, The Netherlands, UK, India and Africa.

Contact Information:
Prashant Lamba
Phonologies (India) Private Limited
17/18 Metro House, S.B. Marg,
Colaba, Mumbai 400 001.
Ph: +91.20.64010707

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